400 mg/ml x 10ml
Each ml contains:

300mg Testosterone Enanthate
100mg Testosterone Propionate



Sparta testosterone blend – 400 mg / ml, consisting of 300 mg testosterone enanthate and 100 mg testosterone propionate per ml. For serious bodybuilders and athletes who are looking for a high concentration testosterone blend.

Testosterone boosters are used to develop and maintain your masculine qualities such as muscle training, fat cutting and a steady increase in sexual activity. Doctors most often prescribe testosterone boosters to people with lower hormonal secretion. This usually leads to weakness of bones and muscles, depression, sexual dysfunctions and general malaise.

Athletes, especially athletes, are known as regular users of testosterone boosters to improve their performance in this area. For the most part, natural testosterone boosters are used by bodybuilders as part of their nutritional supplements to increase muscle mass. Although these steroids Canada have many advantages, it is also necessary to consider the disadvantages associated with it. In general, natural enhancers such as creatine are legal and therefore safer. However, the consumption and use of anabolic steroids is usually dangerous. Although they produce almost instantaneous reactions, they often have a very bad long-term effect. So before you buy steroids in Canada, make sure you know the pros and cons that surround it.

Testosterone 400 is a powerful testosterone product that adds weight and strength to those who use it. The product contains 400 mg of mixture E of different types of testosterone, namely enanthate, propionate and Cypionate. It is used as an injection, in which users receive a high dose of testosterone in only a few parts of the product. If you are trying to gain more weight, then this product is for you.

Test 400 contains a large amount of alcohol and is therefore painful when injected. This is because it takes a large amount of alcohol to dissolve this concentration of testosterone in such a small amount of oil. Most people find it difficult to endure this pain because it has the potential to increase strength and muscle mass while reducing fat.

The half-life of the dose is about 8 days. However, the level of testosterone in the body increases up to a dose of 3 months.

The body of each individual has a limit on what he can wear. Although insufficient secretion can have its own problems, excessive consumption of these products can also cause side effects such as diabetes and liver damage. Kidney failure is another popular prostate disease that causes retention or overflow when urinating.


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