Everything has a starting point in life and for weightlifting and bodybuilding it’s the ground floor; it just can’t start in the middle or at the top. Consider it as your guide on how to start the bodybuilding process.

The progress is gradual and I’ve seen so many people go to the gym and try to lift weights quickly, only to break a muscle and be a few months behind. So how do you start bodybuilding? Where does your journey start? You must first ask yourself the right question, what are your goals? How to become a bodybuilder? How can I recover or how can I be more beautiful when I can pick up girls?

If you’ve just started weight training, you need to have a basic plan. Take a look at your body and focus on what you really need.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to get it right away. Mass binding was a term used in the 1960s by some older bodybuilders who wanted to gain waist quickly and is still popular. This means that they are mostly done by experienced bodybuilders, not beginners. Of course you want to increase in size and weight, but it has to be the right weight with quality muscles. Although it may be slower, it will look better and last a lot longer.

Training and exercises

In the 1960s, most training took place three days a week. One day the upper body was ready and the next day the lower body. The gains were quite good as there was plenty of time to rest between exercises and body parts. The sets and reps were 3 sets of exercises with 8-10 repetitions. It was very simple, but it worked for most people because it wasn’t overtraining.

One of the reasons three days a week was chosen was that in the 1960s most gyms had certain days for men to work out and certain days for women. Men’s days were Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while women’s days were varied. They didn’t train together, which meant you only had three days to train if you didn’t do it at home.

A lot of people thought that if three days works, four days should be better, and it works. This way you can divide the rooms so that each one gets processed twice a week. In a four day program, you can increase the intensity a bit and add a few more sets. Start with four sets of each exercise and three different exercises for one part of the body.

It has always been one of my favorite routines, so that three days off can rest and grow. It can also be a psychological issue for many, as on days off you tend to feel like you are doing nothing while you are growing up. Sometimes nothing can compare to anything, and in this case, it is so true.

If you’re just getting started, it really depends on your work schedule and what hours you can train, but I suggest you try going in three days a week and sharing them every other day.

Start with the basic exercises for each part of the body and do two exercises: 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions for each part.

For example, for a shoulder joint, use a push-up motion, then a side-lift motion. If you go to the chest, use a flat bench press and fly the dumbbells. It does other parts of the body, so even if you do the chest, you are affecting the training of the deltoid muscle. This is why you are not adding too many exercises yet.

Exercise Your Back: Exercises for your back mean lowering yourself down and then sitting down inward. The same type of sets and reps as before. It also acts indirectly on other parts of the body.

WORKS IN YOUR ARMS: I like supersets like superset cable loops with three component loops, 3 sets of 10. It’s good for beginners and you don’t need much as you already have used your hands on other parts of your body.

Work Your Legs – Work your legs by simply turning, stretching and squeezing your legs and calves. 3 sets each and 12 to 15 repetitions should be enough to tire you out.

Work on the abdomen: One of the best exercises is to hang the abdomen on straps. It works throughout the kernel and really provides a definition.

Finisher: You can finish with 20 minutes of cardio training, your choice, on the treadmill or by bike.

Now this is basic bodybuilding training for beginners and it will begin. Your body will adapt quite easily and in three weeks you will want to replace your workouts with new ones. Along with the same, it can also be outdated and boring, so don’t be afraid to replace training with workouts. For example: use crossover cables instead of barbell flies. It’s good to think outside the box, that’s what the giants do.

When you feel ready and have the time, you can schedule your workout four days a week and add more sets and reps as above. You will reach new levels in your training and you will see beautiful changes in the mirror.

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