The popularity of boldenone is remarkable for improving animal meat production. This has the ability to give animals better growth. Its use can be seen especially in improving the health and the amount of meat in livestock. There is not much difference between the effects of Boldenone and Testosterone except to keep the double bond in its first position. It works in this way on the A ring of the steroid structure. However, the effects of the two drugs are different as well as the rate of their metabolism. The drug is available for oral administration according to the literature. Although this drug is not from the methyl group, it is necessary to protect the 17OH group. Since the chemical specifications of boldenone are in liquid form at room temperature, it is difficult to get an oral version of the hormone. The difference in effect between oral and injectable forms of boldenone is not significantly indicated due to the rare use of the oral form.

Many reviews believe that the steroid Boldenone is weak due to its minimal effectiveness in bodybuilding. There are many steroid users who use them to increase appetite. This drug is most popular when taken with methenolone to increase its effectiveness. So, the main use of this steroid is in the meat industry, where it is used in cattle to increase feed and produce more meat. You can consider the steroid to be the best appetite stimulator among all AAs on the market.

Nowadays, you will find that this steroid is used by many athletes, such as high performance athletes. The popularity of Boldenone is increasing day by day and may have its ideal muscle and physique benefits. Bodybuilders did not find their effectiveness because of the products available at the time. Ganabol is one of the most popular brands of Boldenone Undecylenate. You can take 400 mg per week with other steroids. According to experts, you need to take at least 600 mg per week to get noticeable results. For more favorable results, you can increase the dose to 800-1000 mg / week. Some bodybuilders believe that it is possible to take a high dose of Boldenone Undecylenate. The hormone remains in liquid form at room temperature and this should give you a painless experience when injected at a dose of 500 mg / ml. Blocking this hormone after injection causes muscle pain. But with the liquidity of the hormone, you will not be able to crystallize and therefore you will not feel pain.

There are several underground labs involved in making the lowest 200 mg / ml Boldenone undecylenate, which means 1000 mg per week should be no problem.


A higher dose of boldenone may give you a better result than a lower dose of 400 mg / week. Boldenone gives a less effective result than testosterone in aromatization. This can protect the user from the risk of estrogen related side effects if a very high dose of the steroid is not used. Another advantage of using this steroid is its minimal amount of aromatization and the presence of estrogen. You will also get a lot of anabolic properties with this steroid. Its low androgenic property can help you avoid the side effects of strong androgenic agents. For professional bodybuilders, it is good to continue the Boldenone cycle with heavy cycles including the appetite suppressant AAS for good results. It helps you increase your calorie intake, which helps improve your muscle structure.

Athletes can also achieve remarkable result with this steroid. It helps professional athletes who participate in cardiovascular training, by direct stimulation of the kidneys and by the production of erythropoietin. The hormone EPO is responsible for increasing the number of red blood cells. It helps your blood cells to carry more oxygen, so that the user can participate in training more effectively. Overall, this steroid has a low degree of ASA and protects the user from most of the unwanted side effects. You may notice some common and minimal side effects such as hair growth, acne, and more.

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