100 mg/ml x 10ml
Each ml contains:
100mg Methenolone Enanthate



Primobolan is one of the lightest and safest anabolic steroid plans on the market today. While this is not a typical hormone that many would consider an essential steroid for many athletes, it does have several great benefits when it comes to supplementing anabolic steroids. Primobolan works particularly well for athletes, as well as to improve performance and figure, with an important steroid.

Primobolan is typically used for moderate growth or pauses in men and in very small doses, but can have very explosive results in women. Many women use Primobolan out of season for mass cultivation and to achieve huge athletic gains in short cycles.


When used with other steroids, Primobolan can get the most out of all cutting and sports enhancement cycles. Many bodybuilders regularly use it along with Anavar, Trenbolone, and Winstrol to improve cutting strength and overall strength. Primobolan itself can be extremely beneficial for women in both short and short cycles. Many even report that they see a huge improvement in athletic strength and volume at moderate doses. Primobolan works best in women on its own, but it can help men achieve explosive results with other types of steroids.


Most women usually take about 20 to 50 mg per day in a four week cycle with four weeks off. Men typically take between 25 and 50 mg per day when used in combination with other steroids in men. It is important not to give doses much higher than 50 mg per day, as this can lead to permanent hormonal changes that are difficult to compensate for with adequate MDT.


Women generally benefit from short, repetitive cycles with Primobolan. It seems to take four weeks, then take four weeks off and start the cycle again, which gives the best possible results. Men, on the other hand, typically report Primobolan every other steroid cycle or just during the shear phases to get the most impressive results.


Multidose vial 100 mg / ml, 10 ml with brown flip-off tip

Storage room:

Keep out of reach of children; protect against light; store at room temperature; Do not store in the refrigerator or freezer


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